Sunday, February 27, 2011

This or That? with Jason Ancona!

Today I am once again super pleased to welcome Jason Ancona to my blog! I've had the privilage of reviewing both of his books that are out so far, and Debugging Tori Redding was one of my favorite reads of last month.

As a special treat, today Jason will share some of his favorites with us in a game of This or That? I'll give him the floor!

1. Light side, or dark side of the force? 
 Light. Luke and Yoda all the way.

2. Paper books or ebooks? 
 ebooks. I'm a gadget guy. The future is here.

3. Indoors or outdoors? 
 Outdoors. Spend most of my time indoors, working on my writer paleness.

4. Beach or the mountains? 

5. Chocolate or fruit flavors? 
 Chocolate. It's at the top of my food pyramid.

6. Shoes or sandals? 
 Sandals. Can't beat flip flops.

7. Pencil or pen? 
 Neither. My handwriting is unreadable. Keyboard, please.

8. Dogs or cats? 
 Yeah, I'm a cat guy. And now it's out there on the web for everyone to question my manhood. ;)


Question your manhood Jason? NEVER! 

Look at that little kitten right there, he's too cute for words. How can you dislike anyone who likes a cutie like that? LOL.

Thanks again Jason for stopping by!

For more info on Jason's books you can visit his site and check out the rest of the tour!


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