Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This or That? with Jason Ancona plus a GIVEAWAY!

Today I'm happy to welcome Jason Ancona, author of Debugging Tori Redding, to my blog!

He's here to share some of this favorite things with us in This or That? Basically I asked Jason to choose between two items with his favorite one. It's a great way to get to know an author better, and a great excuse to ask some fun questions.

I'll let him take the wheel. Doesn't he have a great smile?

1. Light side, or dark side of the force? 
Light. Luke and Yoda all the way.

2. Paper books or ebooks? 
ebooks. I'm a gadget guy. The future is here.

3. Indoors or outdoors? 
Outdoors. Spend most of my time indoors, working on my writer paleness.

4. Beach or the mountains? 

5. Chocolate or fruit flavors? 
Chocolate. It's at the top of my food pyramid.

6. Shoes or sandals? 
Sandals. Can't beat flip flops.

7. Pencil or pen? 
Neither. My handwriting is unreadable. Keyboard, please.

8. Dogs or cats?
Yeah, I'm a cat guy. And now it's out there on the web for everyone to question my manhood. ;)


Well based on this answers (other than the writing of course, I'm strictly a reader) Jason and I could totally be best friends! (Who can deny the chocolate at the top of the food pyramid? Lol.)

Jason has also been sweet enough to offer up an ebook copy of Debugging Tori Redding to one lucky winner here on the blog! To enter simply fill out this form. Open Internationally! Ends February 16th.

Comments are much appreciated, but do not count as entries.


A HUGE thanks to Jason for stopping by!

Check on Thursday for my review of Debugging Tori Redding, and until then you can follow the rest of the tour by clicking the snazzy banner above.


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