Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Tour: This or That? with Heather Terrell

Today I'm happy to welcome Heather Terrell, author of Fallen Angel, and her character Ellie to my blog! They'll be sharing some of their favorite things with you in a Top Ten List. I love these because they get to let you know about the author behind the book :).

And away we go!

1. Coffee or tea?
Coffee for me. Tea for Ellie.

2. Chocolate or Fruit Flavored Candy?
Chocolate for me. Chocolate for Ellie.

3. Right side of the bed or left side of the bed?
Left side of bed for me. Center of the bed for Ellie.

4. Bare feet or socks?
Socks for me. Socks for Ellie.

5. Hardcover or paperback books?
Any kind of books for me. Hardcover for Ellie.

6. Cats or dogs?
Cats for me. Dogs for Ellie.

7. Go for a walk or go for a bike ride?
Go for a walk for me. Go for a walk for Ellie.

8. Write on paper or write on the computer?
Write on computer for me. Write on computer for Ellie.

9. Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?
Crunchy peanut butter for me. Smooth for Ellie.

10. Beach or mountains?
Beach for me. Beach for Ellie.

Thanks so much Heather for stopping by!
Check back soon for my review of Fallen Angel!


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