Monday, February 7, 2011

Angelfire: Character Interview with Ellie

Hi everyone! A little late I know, but I am proud to devote my blog today to Courtney Allison Moulton's fantastic character, Ellie. 

If you haven't already read Angelfire....well then I feel for you. Still the release is so close!!! Hopefully this gets your blood pumping a little more for this amazing piece of fiction!


1) Welcome Ellie and thanks for stopping by! Can you tell us about yourself in one sentence?

I am the Preliator and I protect human souls from the reapers of Hell.

2) You, my dear, seem to have the same affinity for clothing and shoes as a lot of the rest of us. What one item do you own that you simply couldn't live without?
My Khopesh angelfire swords. I love my shoes and dresses, but without my swords, I’d be fast food peopleburgers in no time.

3) It's clear to see that Kate is your BFF. How did the two of you meet?

We were in kindergarten and she stole the My Little Pony I brought into class for show and tell. I yanked her hair out and then we bonded during time-out.

4) What would you say has been the biggest change since Will came along? Do you regret anything?

I met Will over five hundred years ago. I guess the biggest change for me since he became my Guardian, would be that I’m in love with him. I’ve never loved any of my Guardians before him, and there’s nothing that I regret. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to happen.

5) I know it will be difficult, but can you describe Will for us in one sentence?

He’s got a lot of layers, like an onion—or a parfait—as a very wise donkey once said.

6) Any thoughts on Will's constant ability to become impaled? *snicker*
One would think he’d learn to dodge projectiles a little quicker.

7) What's your favorite thing about Will? And do you picture him as a boxers or a briefs kind of man?

Ha! He’d never answer that question, but he wears boxers, believe me. *winks* My favorite thing about him, besides his rarely seen sense of humor, in his devotion to his duty—to me. He’s a rock.

8) Last question for you. What hopes do you have for the future? Thank again Ellie!

My hopes for the future? I want to live, not just to survive.


A huge thanks to both Ellie and Courtney! For more information on Angelfire (if you've been living under a rock) click the cover image below. Check back soon for a review!


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