Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some things I've decided...

* I will no longer require people to follow my blog to enter contests. EVER. After some thought I think it's totally unfair, and honestly I want you all to follow because you love my content not because you feel like you have to :).

* Extra entries for contests will be limited to one for tweeting. Makes it easier for me and you.

* All contests will be hosted through Google Docs from now on, well because let's face it. Google Docs rocks!

* I am going to IGNORE that number over there (points to follower count) from now on. Don't get me wrong I LOVE AND APPRECIATE every single one of you, but it is way too easy to become obsessed with that count and beat myself up when it goes down. I'll just be happy that you are all here!

* Hosting something on a specific day on blog each doesn't work. The Teen {Book} Scene Website causes me to have a lot of randomly placed commitments. So from now I'll just post things when I have extra space.

* This blog is my love. It's my home for all things books. I'm going to make sure it stays that way and stays fun for me. No more feeling stressed. I love this. I'm going to keep loving it.


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