Saturday, January 1, 2011

Guest Posts

Here is where you will find all the guest posts that are put up throughout the year. They are sorted by author's last name, and then the topic of the post is noted as well.


* Archer, Jennifer on her Top 10 Places to Visit
from Through Her Eyes

* Bachorz, Pam on Ruby's Book Picks
from Drought

* Batchelor, Tommy on his favorite childhood memory
from Lost On Spirit River

* Bigelow, Susan J. on childhood memories
from Broken

* Carlie, Angela on Books in her Library
from Land of Corn Chips

* Cole, Frank L. on his top 10 favorite books
from The Guardian of the Hidden Scepter

* Cypess, Leah on Top 10 Places to Visit
from Nightspell

* Davis, Rebecca Fjelland on her favorite books of the past
from Chasing Alliecat

* Deebs, Tracy on her Top Ten Favorite YA Books of 2010
from Tempest Rising

* Dominy, Amy Fellner on her Top Ten List of Yiddish Quotes
from OyMG

* Gallagher, Liz on her Teenage Garage Sale
from My Not So Still Life

* Griffo, Michael on Character Tweets
from Unnatural

* Grosso, Alissa on her Top Ten Snack Foods
from Popular

* Gurtler, Janet on 10 Things Tess Wouldn't Want You To Know
from I'm Not Her

* Halpern, Julie on Top Ten Songs from Movies
from Don't Stop Now

* Hartinger, Brent on his cover
from Shadow Walkers

* Hendrix, Sheila on Unconditional Love
from The Betrayal

* Henley, Karyn on When I'm Not Writing
from Breath of Angel

* Holder, Amy on Cliques
from The Lipstick Laws

* Howard, Amalie on herself! A biography.
from Bloodspell

* Issacs, Elizabeth on Top Ten Fictional Places to Visit
from The Light of Asteria

* Kirby, Jessi on When I'm Not Writing
from Moonglass

* Kizer, Amber on a Teenage Garage Sale
from Wildcat Fireflies

* Kunkle, Isabel on Character Tweets
from Hickey of the Beast

* Metcalf, Karen on Love in YA
from In the Storm

* O'Rourke Erica shares an excerpt
from Torn

* Patrick, Cat on Favorite Books
from Forgotten

* Phillip, Gillian on her favorite places for writing inspiration
from The Opposite of Amber

* Quick, Barbara on When I'm Not Writing
from A Golden Web

* Reine, S.M. on Rylie's Top Ten Reasons to Not Be a Werewolf
from Six Moon Summer

* Sanchez, Alex on favorite books from his past
from Boyfriends with Girlfriends

* Sheinmel, Alyssa on Nick's Top Ten Things to Love About Eden
from The Lucky Kind

* Shelley, M.M. on Top Five Movies
from Mishap & Mayhem

* Smith, Alex on writing angels
from Calling For Angels

* Smith, Emily Wing on Character Tweets
from Back When You Were Easier To Love

* Tracy, Kristen on Book Recommendations
from Sharks & Boys

* Vega, Estevan on his favorite movies of all time so far
from When Colors Bleed

* Watkins, Steve on Favorite Vacation Destinations
from What Comes After



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