Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ghosts, cookies and tea pots.

With all the movies that they've remade lately I keep wondering why no one tackles Poltergeist yet.

Then again, even though this movie is circa 1982 it ROCKS! Even the cheesy effects still make my spine tingle. So maybe big bad Hollywood is afraid to tackle this movie. Mess with something people love, cult classic and all that, and you are in deep water if you don't do it right.

I've seen this movie coming up on.....40 times now? It still scares the proverbial shite out of me.

This house, is clean.

The BF and I have been frequenting the Dollar Tree lately and trying out some of their snacks. We figured that since we don't eat a lot of sweets, why spend a fortune on them, especially if the dollar store ones taste just as good?

These cookies? YUM! Totally worth more than the dollar price tag. That and their sugar wafers have become my new favorite cookies to have with my tea.

(As I write this Poltergeist is still on...*shudders* creepy clown.)

Lastly on my rambling post, the BF bought me this snazzy ingenuiTEA brewing pot after my glass one broke and died.

This thing is amazing! All plastic, so less chance of breaking. Plus it is so much easier to wash!

The coolest part? The tea comes out of the bottom, but only when you place it on top of a mug. You have to trigger the bottom part to get the tea to pour out.

Can we say Jessica proof? Total WIN!

Well that's it for my ramblings for today. Don't ask where this post came from. I blame boredom.


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