Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Tour - Tommy Batchelor Guest Post

Hi all! Today I'm proud to welcome Tommy Batchelor and his book, Lost on Spirit River, to my blog! Many apologies to Tommy, as this was supposed to go up yesterday. I've been working so hard to make sure his tour ran smoothly and guess who was the one who forgot her post?


He's here today to share with us a favorite memory from his childhood! Take it away Tommy!


One of my favorite memories growing up?...Mmmm… I was about fifteen at the time and my Uncle and Aunt along with their two youngest sons had moved to the country. The oldest of my cousins was sixteen and the youngest was thirteen. I lived about twenty miles in a different town, I spend many weekends with them, since they owned over a hundred acres of fields and forest. You have to understand these people lived in the city all their lives. My Uncle started up a hog farm, that’s a completely different story. My Aunt and youngest cousin drove up to get me, my older cousin had stayed home. When we arrived back at the entrance of the driveway, we caught a sense of something wasn’t right! Smell was the word, it was a very bad smell. It was the stink of skunk!!!

Clothing was thrown down along the driveway all the way up the steps into the house. The doors were left wide open into the kitchen, thru the dining room into the master bedroom. Sitting in a tub of water up to his arm pits was my older cousin, spraying himself with some type of dish detergent and scrubbing his skin raw, looking as he might bleed at any moment. We had to laugh in spite of the smell and his pain. He was in a panic, as you see he was due for a date in less than sixty minutes.

His Mother finally got him to settle down and he told us the story of what had happen to him. They had set out some rabbit boxes, he went to check them before coming in to get ready for his date. He found the skunk in the last trap he checked and tried to use a long stick to release the latch to set it free. The stick wasn’t long enough as the skunk shot him at a long distance of twelve feet.

After he had used every soap, dish washing detergent, perfume and deodorant in the house. He was ready to go on his date. If I was the young lady, I would have gone out with the skunk, he smelled better!!!


Hahaha! What a great story Tommy! I think I might have dated the skunk as well....just saying.

If you'd like to learn more about Tommy and his book, as well as enter a FANTASTIC giveaway, you can visit him at his website: http://tommybatchelor.blogspot.com/


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