Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Design Sale!

Did she just make a Blue's Clues joke?

Oh yeah. I totally did.


I'm in the mood to create! One of my goals this year was to promote my blog design more, and I honestly cannot deny that it makes me extremely happy to make those blogs out there sparkle. *JAZZ HANDS* 

So in honor of this goal I give you a...


From today (1/6/11) until next Friday (1/14/11) the "Just The Basics" package is only $20. That's right, you can get a brand new banner and grab button for your blog, for only $20!

If you are in the mood for a whole revamp, all other packages are 20% off as well! So get your revamp on, and give your blog a brand new look for a brand new year!

You can find my email address link on my design packages page OR just click the little envelope on my right sidebar. I look forward to making your design dreams come true!



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