Sunday, December 26, 2010

Movie Review: Tron: Legacy

Every once in a while I find a movie that I want to chat about with others, but unfortunately there's no one around. SO you, my dear reader friends, get to hear my commentary? Aren't you the lucky ones?


Oh my gosh.

Let me start off by saying that the original TRON was one of my dad's favorite movies when we were younger. I remember sitting in front of the television when I was about 7, staring in awe at the light cycle battles on the screen! Honestly, for the 80's there was some amazing visuals in that movie.  So of course when I say that TRON: Legacy was out, I was determined to go and see it. I had heard that they made a CG Jeff Bridges to tie the movies together, and I was SO intrigued.

Those of you who have seen and fallen in love with the original movie will find a lot to love in this film! The directors and writers stayed very true to the storyline, and ramped up the visuals without loosing any of the original charm. New light cycle battles? Amazing! I was pleasantly surprised at how well the storyline tied in. I think the writers definitely did the original TRON justice. Can I please also say, Jeff Bridges has aged rather well. Gruff and handsome. *ahem* Add in a fantastic original soundtrack by Daft Punk and you have one stunning musical and visual movie! I was enamored.

Now if you haven't seen the original TRON (shame on you), you might be a little confused. I suggest that before you see this movie you either watch the first one, or at least give a quick read through of the plot on Wikipedia. Overall I was really impressed and would recommend this movie. You die hard fans out there, go go go! You'll love it.


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