Friday, December 3, 2010

Juggling commitments.

It's a neverending paradox for me.

See, I'll get bored and pick up something new to fill my time. That new hobby then becomes the sole thing I pay attention to, until I realize that I'm letting other thing slack. Inevitably it all becomes an issue of juggling. How do I fit everything that I both need and want to do in the amount of time that I have free? The logical part of my mind says "Why do you do this to yourself?", while the other part curses at it and slams the door. Yep. That's me! 

I don't regret my love of taking on new things one bit! I've learned so much by just simply taking on a new project wholeheartedly. For instance, I'm now one of the three people people who run The Teen {Book} Scene in all its awesomeness. Great right? Totally! 

This also means I must apologize for my lack of attention to my blog, and you my dear readers. Please bear with me as I once again find my perfect juggling omentum. I still love ya and I'm still here for ya! I'm just learning to add this new thing into my life :). HUGS!


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