Monday, December 13, 2010

In which I sleep my life away...

When I'm sick, I sleep. A lot.

Hours and hours of my life the last two weeks have been spent with my eyes closed, and dreams filling my head. Part of me feels that I should feel guilty about this. The other part kicks it really hard, ties that part up, and stuffs him in a box, because's my life right?

Why is it that we always feel guilty when we're doing something good for us or that we enjoy. Why is there that part of us that keeps thinking "I could be doing something better right now." that nags us?

I've decided that I'm no longer listening to that nay-saying part of myself. If I want to lay in bed 20 extra minutes and I have time, I will. If I want to spend the day reading instead of cleaning, I will. Life is too short to feel stressed out about things that really aren't that pressing in the first place :). I'm allowing myself more time just to be me.

What are you doing for yourself?


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