Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello my favorite people! Are you ready for some fun?


Kari at A Good Addiction and I are constantly chatting with one another. So of course when I mentioned that I wanted to do a holiday celebration, and she was also doing a holiday celebration, we melded them into a huge Holiday Extravaganza!!!

These next two weeks will be filled with authors sharing their favorite traditions, holiday recipes, and stories that come from the heart. Truth be told, I've read  few of these posts already...and well...let's just say that they remind me why I love this holiday season so very much.

Schedule time!

Two weeks of pure and utter love begin on Kari's blog tonight, with a special post from Cheryl Rainfield and a giveaway! Then each day we will take turns hosting a post back and forth.

OPENING POST: Giveaway of Scars with Cheryl Rainfield
(Kari) Monday, December 13th: Abra Ebner
(Jessica) Tuesday, December 14th: Lisa Sanchez
(Kari) Wednesday, December 15th: Amy Holder + Preorder/Bookmark Giveaway
(Jessica) Thursday, December 16th: Steve Brezenoff + Signed Copy/Bookmark Giveaway
(Kari) Friday, December 17th: Mindi Scott
(Jessica) Saturday, December 18th: Adele Griffin
(Kari) Sunday, December 19th: Lisa Schroeder + Bookmark Giveaway

(Jessica) Monday, December 20th: Jen DeLucy + Book Giveaway
(Kari) Tuesday, December 21st: Hannah Moskowitz
(Jessica) Wednesday, December 22nd: Heidi Ayarbe + Book Giveaway
(Kari) Thursday, December 23rd: Myra McEntire
(Jessica) Friday, December 24th: Brenda Pandos
(Kari) Saturday, December 25th: Ty Roth + Book Giveaway

I hope you'll stick around and visit the posts these next two weeks! Enjoy, and happy holidays!


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