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Blog Tour: Character Interview - Sunny from The Blood Coven Series

Good morning ya'll!

Today I'm happy to have Sunny, a character from Mari Mancusi's Blood Coven Series, on my blog! She and her sister Rayne are two of the most hilarious and snarky characters that you will ever meet and I love them dearly! So of course when I had the chance to have Sunny stop by  my blog, I snapped it up!

Take it away Sunny!


1) Welcome to my blog Sunny! If you had to describe yourself in a tweet (140 characters) what would you say?

Ugh. Twitter is sooo much more Rayne's thing. But here goes!

Field hockey and drama loving vegetarian dating a 1,000 year old vampire. Just want to live a normal life--but it never seems to work out.

How's that? But seriously, I so prefer Facebook. If you want to Friend me, you can do so here:

2) How would you describe Magnus, your vampire boyfriend?

Okay first of all, he is hot beyond belief. I mean think, like, Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean. Tall, dark, and handsome and usually dressed head-to-toe in Armani. Yum. If you do friend me on Facebook, you can totally check him out. I've got a ton of pics.

Anyway, he's super sweet and caring, a total marshmallow on the inside, no matter how gruff he tries to act on the outside sometimes. And I'm positive he'd do anything within his power to help me if I were in trouble. I mean, look at how he totally went out of his way to help me find the Holy Grail so I wouldn't be stuck being a vampire forever. He so didn't have to do that, but I'm glad he did! 

Of course he's also super busy; running one of the largest vampire covens on the Eastern seaboard is not a walk in the park, let me tell you. And so date night often ends up getting cancelled because of one crisis or another. Sigh. I try to be understanding, but sometimes it sucks to get left behind.

Of course now he's promised that from this point on he'll put me first over all the other distractions in his life and stop being such a workaholic. So fingers crossed on that. Cause I totally love him and I really want our relationship to work out, you know?

3) You and your sister Rayne are like night and day. How has your relationship changed since the two of you found out how different you really are?

We have been different since the day we were born, I swear. Mom says Rayne would always cry when she turned ON the light. She's such a Goth. But nowadays I can relate to her a little better, I think. I mean, we both have had to deal with the dad situation, which sucks. And we've both got hot vampire boyfriends, which rules. No matter what, I know, at the end of the day, no matter how annoying she can be, she's my best friend and will be there for me. (If she's not out playing Poker anyway.) I know I can count on her.

4) Is there anything you would change about the time since you met Magnus?

I keep going back and forth on this. You know, about the whole vampire thing. If I'd stayed a vampire, in a lot of ways things would have been much easier. I'd never have to worry about growing old and looking like I was dating my grandson, for example. I mean, ew! And what happens when I die? Does Magnus then go find some other hot young thing? So not cool.

But at the same time, I like living a normal life. Well, as normal as possible, seeing as what I recently found out about my family tree. I mean, fairies? We so didn't see that one coming!

5) What is one item that you simply cannot live without?

My super soft Gap 1969 jeans. I wear them everywhere. Unlike Rayne, who seems to enjoy wardrobe items that constitute torture (I mean have you ever tried on a corset?!) I like to be casual and comfy wherever I go. And those jeans fit me like a second skin. Pair them with my favorite tee (no, not the one that says "Bite Me"--I burned that the night I got home from Club Fang!) and a pair of flips and I'm ready to go. 

6) Do you have a message for the readers out there?

Normal is sometimes overrated. I mean, I'm the first to wish for a so-called "normal life" with the 2.3 kids and the picket fence and stuff. But if I stuck with that, I never would have met Magnus. And he's made my life three thousand times better. I can't imagine living life without him now. So though things are usually very abnormal in my world, I wouldn't trade it for anything. And I think keeping an open mind and trying out new things and new situations is something everyone should do.

7) Before I let you go, and thanks for stopping by, can you share with us one event that is coming up that you're looking forward to?

Getting back to Vegas and starting school! I know that sounds completely crazy, but if you just had the experience I did in Fairyland and Night School, you'd be thinking the exact same thing! Let's just say reading, writing and 'rithmatic is sounding really good right about now! 


Thanks for stopping by Sunny! If you'd like to learn more about Sunny, Rayne and their awesome exploits, check out the Blood Coven Vampires website.


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