Friday, November 26, 2010

Movie Review: Tangled

Every once in a while I find a movie that I want to chat about with others, but unfortunately there's no one around. SO you, my dear reader friends, get to hear my commentary? Aren't you the lucky ones?


Absolutely adorable.

If I had to describe Tangled in one word, it would be: delightful! This movie was sweet, it was funny, it was just an all around good time. Even my boyfriend, who I have to drag to animated movies most times, was sitting next to me laughing hysterically at the screen. Disney hit it out of the park with this one!

Based on the fairy tale of Rapunzel, this movie takes its cues straight from the original story. Of course Disney takes a few liberties (as they are often apt to do). However those of you out there who are sticklers for the original fairy tales like I am, will be pleasantly surprised at how intact your beloved story is! The little additions only made for a much more enjoyable experience and of course that extra added "giggle factor". This is a movie that adults and kids will both enjoy.

Colorful, quick moving, and hilarious, this movie is just a treat. Put it this way. I sat in the movie theater surrounded by tons of children. We just so happened to go early enough that our theater was still filled with the "mommy and me" crowd. My boyfriend was terrified that the kids would be loud and talk, essentially ruining his movie. NOPE. They were all so enamored. The only time I heard them was when we were all giggling, my boyfriend's laugh high above all the rest. Cute right?

As a parting note, I saw this in 3D and it was amazing! I'd definitely say that it is worth shelling out the few extra dollars. Disney's animated movies are made for 3D and they just shine off the screen. If you want a good laugh and are a kid at heart like me, this is a movie you'll want to see!


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