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Blog Tour: Book Review - Branded: Fall of Angels

Media Type: Print Book
Title: Branded: Fall of Angels
Author: Keary Taylor
Publisher: Create Space
Pages: Paperback; 374
Release Date: March 4, 2010
Source: Book Tour
Intended Reading Group: Young Adult
Content Screening: Mild Violence
HDB Rating: 5 Keys to My Heart
Recommended to: Readers who enjoy a different kind of angel story.

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Jessica’s had the nightmares for as long as she can remember. Nightmares of being judged for people who have died, of being branded by the angels. Her friends and family think she’s a crazy because of it all. Yet she carries the mark of the condemned, seared into the back of her neck, and hides it and herself away from the world.

But when two men she can’t ignore enter her life everything changes, including the nightmares. The two of them couldn’t be more different. She will do anything to be with one of them. Even tell him the truth about angels, why she never sleeps, and the scar on the back of her neck. But one of the two has set events into motion what will puller her toward her own judgment and turn her into the object of her greatest fear.

Angels. When you hear word spoken a certain image comes to mind, does it not? White robes, flowing hair, glowing auras. All of these things are what I used to think of as well. Now? Well after reading Branded my image of angels is much different. Vengeful, cold and calculated angels pop into my head now. Ones with eyes like deep wells and fury in their hearts. Thank you Keary Taylor! Thank you. This is how I want my angels. It's refreshing to see that they are not as perfect as they seem to be.

To say that I loved Jessica as a character is a huge understatement. I didn't just love her, I felt like I was a part of her. It went far beyond our similar first names. No, what I loved about Jessica was much deeper than that. She was so strong-willed, so brave. Despite the nightmares that plague her restless sleep, Jessica was able to lead a mainly normal life. She even went so far as to shut herself off from the world. It was her ability to be so stoic that truly impressed me and drew me in.

As for the story itself, well it is of course amazing! The two men that enter Jessica's life are wholly different from one another and mirror the emotions warring within her. In an effort not to spoil this book for all of you, since I know I will convince you to go and read it, I won't go to far into Jessica's relationships. Suffice it to say that both men are completely delicious, and both have their strong points. The ending? Absolutely stunning. Again, I won't ruin it, but if you don't like the ending I'm not sure we can be friends.

I'm kidding. Mostly.

Final thoughts? Branded is a one of a kind novel that I will never forget reading! I recommend it to all those out there who might be a little skeptical of angels as characters. This will put a whole new spin on your image of them. A solid novel, Branded is sure to become one of your new favorites this year.

FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.


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