Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blog Tour - Author Interview: Sarah Ockler

Today I'm happy to welcome the very talented Sarah Ockler to my blog!

Sarah is the author of Twenty Boy Summer and the upcoming, sure to be a smash, Fixing Delilah! I had the opportunity to interview her, but I'll stop rambling and let her take it away.

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1. If you had to come up with a slogan for Fixing Delilah, what would it be?

I think the tagline on the book cover encapsulates the story really well: "Family. It's not always a perfect fit." That's something Delilah has to accept as she uncovers some of the long-buried secrets about the women in her family -- particularly about her mom.

2. If the reader were to see Delilah's story through Patrick's eyes, do you think there would be anything changed or different they would know about her?

Patrick is the first person in a long time to see the real Delilah -- the one behind all the masks and walls. He knows that she's stubborn and self-destructive, but he can also see the intense vulnerability and hurt there, and he understands how desperate she is to find out the truth (and why it matters). If he were telling the story, I think we'd see a lot more of Delilah's strength, determination, and willingness to love and be loved -- all of the great things about her that she doesn't fully realize when we first meet her, when she's still so angry and unsure.

3. Is there a scene that is your favorite overall?

I *love* the scene in the coffee shop when Patrick and Delilah are alone after hours, and he's playing music for her and talking about true friends and... well, I don't want to say too much. Just that it's one of my favorite parts of the story, and despite the ups and downs and crazy loops of their relationship, that moment really captures what it's all about. ;-)

4. Where is your favorite place to go for inspiration?

Walking in the woods is my favorite place to recharge. Something about the quiet and the timelessness always grounds and inspires me, and whenever I get back from a hike, I'm ready to write! 

5. Any favorite authors you can't live without?

You know, this is an interesting question. I was about to start listing some of my favorites, but when I really think about it, I don't know that there are any I can't live without, only because there are so many awesome authors out there, especially in YA. My TBR list keeps growing, so I know that even if some of my faves stopped writing, they'd be leaving me in good book company. That said, some of my favorite YA authors are Sarah Dessen, Melina Marchetta, Cassie Clare, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, JK Rowling, Laura Resau, Deb Caletti, Laurie Halse Anderson, and about eight billion more. :-) It's a great time to be writing and reading for teens!  

Thanks for hosting me today, Jessica, and thanks to readers for checking out Fixing Delilah!

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Thank you Sarah for stopping by! For those of you who still haven't added Fixing Delilah to your reading lists, well first off where have you been? Second, her are some links for you!

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