Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Books: The Zombie Edition

Welcome to another edition of Random Books! This is a feature where I type a chosen word into the Goodreads search bar, and choose three books that catch my eye. You then get the random thoughts that go through my head as I learn about the book.

It's a fun way to discover new books!


It's time for the ZOMBIE edition! Pretty apropos don't you think? I mean it is a celebration this weekend of all things creepy, scary and dead!

There's a zombie walk downtown today in my city.

Am I going? TOTALLY!


Top 10 Lessons for Surviving a Zombie Attack

1. Organize before they rise!
2. They feel no fear, why should you?
3. Use your head: cut off theirs.
4. Blades don’t need reloading.
5. Ideal protection = tight clothes, short hair.
6. Get up the staircase, then destroy it.
7. Get out of the car, get onto the bike.
8. Keep moving, keep low, keep quiet, keep alert!
9. No place is safe, only safer.
10. The zombie may be gone, but the threat lives on.

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My Thoughts:
First off, I totally think that the world will end in some type of zombie apocalypse. Self-fulfilling prophecy anyone?

Ha, use your head...cut off theirs. LOVE it!

Oooh. If zombies really do appear, I'm going to have to get a hair cut.


The hungry dead have risen. They shamble down the street. They hide in back yards, car lots, shopping malls. They devour neighbors, dogs and police officers. And they are here to stay. The real question is, what are you going to do about it? How will you survive?

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My  Thoughts:
First off, this cover is FANTASTIC! Those zombies are rather terrifying.

Is there any cooler zombie word than shamble?

I'm becoming addicted to anthologies. This one must be mine!


College-professor-cum-zombie Jack Barnes is a different breed of undead—he can think. In fact, he can even write. And the story he has to tell is a truly disturbing—yet strangely heartwarming—one.

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My Thoughts:
From the first moment I saw this cover, I fell in love. Amazing!

A heartwarming zombie story eh?

Where's my wallet? I'm buying this book. Seriously.


Thanks for putting up with the randomness! Have you read any of these books? Thoughts! Share them out!


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