Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Horror movies to DIE for!

It's my first Halloween season on my blog!

Which means that most of you probably don't know that this is my absolute favorite holiday. Oh no, it's not the costumes (although those are fun), it's not even the candy (although I do eat my fair share). Nope, it's the celebration all things creepy, gory and those that go bump in the night!

I LOVE Horror movies.

So much in fact that I'm fairly desensitized to most of them. That means it is only a REALLY well made and terrifying movie that can scare the pants off me. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites and why I love them! Shall we?

(Click the movie posters/boxes to be taken to the IMDB page for more info and a synopsis!)


First up? Drag Me to Hell written and directed by Sam Raimi, who I have a total director crush on! He's also written and directed The Grudge, The Evil Dead and 30 Days of Night, all of which I totally love.

Anyway, back to this movie. Drag Me to Hell is so good that I watched it twice in the same night. It is the type of movie that even if you refused to watch it originally, and were then goaded into it by your friends, you'll find yourself watching through your fingers. Gory, violent, and lots of projectile vomiting. Oh yes my friends, this is a horror movie for the new age that I can get behind.

Did she say projectile vomiting?

Oh yes, yes I did.


Next I give love to Paranormal Activity. Now, whether you saw this movie or not, I guarantee you've heard of it. It started an internet phenomenon in which you had to "Demand It" to get to spread past the few theaters it opened in. The buzz was HUGE. After I watched it, I understood why.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts. Well, unless they are demonic like the one in this movie. The way the plot moves so slowly, the way it builds up to the ending, oooh....*shivers* you just need to watch. I was literally holding onto the side of my couch for dear life. That's saying a LOT.

No scripts. $11,000 budget. This my friends, this is a horror movie.


ONE MORE, and then I'll let you be. If you really want to discuss horror movies feel free to email me. I'll give you a rundown of all those I love!


Let me begin by saying that Mirrors had me seriously debating covering up all the mirrors in our house. Yeah, and there's a lot, so that's saying something! This is one of those movies that needs to be watched in the dark for maximum effect. Then afterwards you'll need to watch something happy to make sure you don't have nightmares.

Some of you who have seen this may be questioning me. I know, this movie didn't get the best ratings. Let me explain why I loved it. SHOCK FACTOR. You know, those moments when you are watching and your mouth falls open. Something happens that you were not expecting and suddenly you're hooked? 

Yup. They got me.


So there you have it! A bit of a foray into my twisted mind.

There are tons more I love, and like I said I'd be happy to share them if you're interested. I'm also looking forward to the new horror movies coming out this season!

Case 39 anyone?

Thanks for reading through the madness!


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