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Blog Tour: The Ice Cream Theory - Book Review

Media Type: Print Book
Title: The Ice Cream Theory
Author: Steff Deschenes
Publisher: Booksurge Publishing
Pages: Paperback; 282
Release Date: July 14, 2009
Source: Pump Up Your Book Promotions
Genre: Memoir

HDB Rating: 4 Keys to My Heart

Recommended to: Readers looking for an upbeat and "sweet" memoir.

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Steff Deschenes first hatched her ice cream theory when she was sixteen and in the throes of that singular, devastating phenomenon known as first heartbreak. In the midst of her grief, she realized that, in the same way humans have ice-cream preferences, humans have people preferences. Like ice cream flavors, social preferences shift based on age, experience, even mood. There are exotic flavors that one craves when feeling daring, comforting flavors to fall back on, flavors long-enjoyed that eventually wear out their welcome, and those unique flavors that require an acquired taste. Like people, no ice cream flavor is perfect every single time…and it is in this realization that the crux of Deschenes’s theory lies. The Ice Cream Theory celebrates the variety of life, a charming “mockumentary” that makes a light-hearted addition to any self-help bookshelf. It’s a must-read for anyone bruised by life’s tough lessons and in need of a cheerful pick-me-up.

I'll say it. I'm a sucker for ice cream. Sweets in general really, but ice cream remains my absolute favorite sweet treat out there. I'll eat it in the middle of winter, happily, while I shiver under a blanket. Yup, I'm a glutton for punishment! So when I saw that this book was being offered for review, and I read the synopsis, I knew that I would have to read it. People and ice cream? Amazing!

The best part about this book is the way that it is set up. Steff Deschenes spends the first chapter explaining her theory, and then each subsequent chapter describes a flavor and compares it to a person. It's amazing how accurate she is! Although she does mention how everyone will see her parallels differently, I was in agreement with everything that she wrote. It's hard not to be when her stories pull you back into times in your past. Kind of like a sweetly driven road-trip to childhood. Her stories are the perfect mixture of heartfelt and fun.

Each of one the chapters is amazingly written, and extremely fun! Perky might be a good word. Steff made me laugh out loud with her writing, especially when she would go off on random tangents. The people she brings to life in her stories really made an impression on me and, like I mentioned above, reminded me of people I've lost and found in my own life. I was really smitten with her mention of the fact that we loose, gain, and loose friends often in our lives. I used to feel bad about that, but this book reminded me that it is a normal occurrence.

I think the reason I connected so much with The Ice Cream Theory is because I see a lot of parallels to my own life. A reader needs to go into this book with an open mind and heart. If you appreciate a good, witty read, you'll love this book! Recommended to lovers of ice cream, and people who would just like a good laugh.

FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.


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