Monday, September 27, 2010

Warning: Rambling Ahead!

Oh my gosh...this is the first time in a week that I've had time to post something that I actually write. Wow. I tell you, back when I started my blog and I wrote nonstop I always complained. Now that I participate in a lot more blog tours, sometimes I miss all those times I complained. Ironic yes?

This is actually how I feel today!
Well I think I need to play some catch up, so are you ready for some ramblings? No, well too late! You've already read this far so hang on tight, we're going for it!


I haven't had a chance to speak my piece of Banned Books Week yet, but I'll keep it short.

Books should never be banned. That implies that one voice, one opinion, dictates what is right for everyone. How is that okay?

If you are a parent and you want to choose what your children read, that is your right. More power to you! I hope that you read the books beforehand so you can make a good decision, but either way that is a parent right!

You choose your child's books, I'll choose mine. Sound good? Done and done!

Go out, get that banned book, and read it my friends. Take it all in. If you're offended, well at least you took the time to figure out what was so offensive. Arm yourself with knowledge.


Quick shout out to my 500+ followers over there!

I can't believe there are so many of you and I love you all for it! Sorry, was that uncomfortable? If you prefer, I greatly appreciate you :). Thank you for sticking with me, and don't worry I promise to amuse you! Or at the very least to act ridiculous in front of you while you scowl in confusion....either way.


Some quick links! I missed a chance to post my weekly links, so instead here's a quick rundown of things I find completely awesome.

* I loved this post by Mindi Scott about going "Back to the Future" and changing things. It made me ponder what I would change if I could go back. Look for that post this week!

* Maureen Johnson's article, "Sell the Girls", particularly caught my eye this last week. The fact that she mentions how many boys (men) are adverse to reading "girl" stories made me giggle. My BF is the perfect example of this.

* This post by Lovely Little Shelf on Indie Bookstores made me think. I shop at my Indie a lot actually, mostly because I love the staff there. Now I'm thinking I might go try to do an interview with them!


Okay, you're free!

If I made your head spin, please walk away slowly rather than running in terror from my ramblings. I wouldn't want to be responsible for your skinned knee or elbow, and I'm all out of unicorn band aids!

Although I do have bacon ones! (No seriously, I really do.)


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