Monday, September 6, 2010

To Those Who Read What I Write...

This will be a rather sappy and loving post. If this type of sugary sweetness kills you, well then run for the hills now and don't look back! You've been warned.

On what I like to call "Fair Weather Followers":
They exist. I know they do.

I close a contest, I loose 4 followers. Even if they win. Odd right?

Still I'd trade 100 followers for 1 person who really wants to read what I have to say! So do these people bother me? Nope. Look at how many of you have stuck around this whole time. Have I mentioned I adore you? It's true.

On why numbers don't bother me:
I look at it this way. I love to read, I love to write, so doesn't having this blog make perfect sense? I think so! The simple fact that anyone wants to take the time to actually READ what I have to say blows my mind. Again my friends, you are amazing. I appreciate the fact that you read, you comment, and you do it all meaningfully. 

I think I have the coolest followers ever. Shhh....don't tell the other blogs.

So no, numbers don't bother me. In fact as I stated above, I'd rather have just a few people following me who really interact and care than thousands that never said a thing. I know that publishing companies and the like look at followers, but that's not all they look at. They also look at our interaction. They look at my posts. I want to write quality posts for you, and you motivate me to do so!

On why I'm writing this post:
Look, I won't lie. You all blow my mind.

My blog is nearing its 5 month anniversary, and honestly I'm wowed by the fact that there are so many of you over there in my sidebar. Not only that, but that so many of you leave me comments, and participate in my contests, and share what I write with others. It's truly humbling.

I'm taking a month of of "Me Mondays" for you.

Instead each Monday I'm going to answer questions, post tutorials, help you with whatever you need. Why? Well of course you rock!

Need a blog button?
Need a header?
Want a tutorial on how to make your post titles pretty?
Want some advice on how to run your blog? 

Leave me a comment and I'll respond. Either to just you, or on the blog to everyone.

Just want to say hi and post a silly picture? Do it! I'll share it with the other readers.

I'll take whatever you feel you need help with and make it my mission to address it this month. We'll see how it goes, I want this to be all about you.

You rock.

Thanks again.


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