Saturday, September 11, 2010

A quick post.

Saw this movie today and I have only one thing to say. 


I shan't get your hopes up. If you love action movies, and if you loved the last few (don't count the third one I didn't particularly like it either) then you'll be happy with this one :). My only advice? See it in 3D. The directors who made this movie paid special attention to the 3D aspect when they were creating the movie, and it shows! I love me some 3D.

On a random side note, hello to all my new followers! *waves madly* Every time I log on and see more of you it makes my heart happy. Remember, if you're here because you want to read my ramblings, you're stupendous in my book!

That's it. I'm off to spend time with my man. 


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