Thursday, September 16, 2010

On why I love my first graders.

See these?

To you, these may just be crayons. Brightly colored pieces of wax that get stepped on sometimes, broken often and sadly dull quite quickly.

To first graders....

These are possibilities. They are hundreds of pictures drawn onto empty sheets of paper. They are a means of creating something artistic, something new, something beautiful. To first graders, these are something to love and something to crave. Something to be excited about!

These aren't just dominoes. Oh no! These are buildings. Castles. Garages. Endless roads that tiny toy cars can ride through and crash into. These are tools to build a brand new world.

This? Empty lines that need to be filled. With words, with stories, with pictures drawn by the aforementioned crayons. Blank paper is like a sin against nature! No, paper must be filled with as much color and as much writing as is possible.

To first graders the world is a fabulous, interesting and ever growing place.

Why am I writing this?

They remind me that I used to feel this way too, and want to feel that way again. Even when things get tough, there are always possibilities, always small things to enjoy. It is the little things that matter most and I need to keep that in my mind.

This is why I work with kids :).


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