Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In a bit of a slump....

I know everyone probably goes through moments like these, but I've been so up and down in mood over the last few weeks that it's been hard for me to focus on my blog.

I've managed to keep the lethargy and unease at bay to get through work, but my blog has kind of taken a bit of a back seat. In the mood to read, but not so much in the mood to write and review.

Before you go worrying about me, I'm used to this. Unfortunately it runs in my family and the best thing for me when I'm going through times like this is to put myself around people who make me smile (thank you Twitter friends) and bury myself in things I enjoy. If you don't see as many reviews going up, I just wanted to let you know why.

Mostly I've been arguing with myself over this blog and how much I dedicate towards it. Don't misunderstand, I LOVE my blog and I love sharing my books. It's just easy to fall into the "what is this all for" debate with myself during my down moods. 

It'll get better.

For now just know I'm reading up a storm! I'll try to post a review tonight if I feel up to it and I'll likely play catch up when I'm feeling better.

Much love followers. Thanks for sticking with me through it all. You're the best.


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