Friday, September 17, 2010

The Fanatic Report 6

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From the home base, here are the noteworthy posts this week.

 * My Monday post this week was about a fun blog tweak! Ever wondered how to change your font on your post titles and sidebar titles to a cute one? Check out the tutorial! Also, this week only (until Saturday evening) I'll do it for you if you email me! 

* This week I was fortunate enough to have Steve Brezenoff, author of The Absolute Value of -1, stop by my blog for an interview!

* Finally, a sweet and sappy post dedicated to my first grade class. They make me feel young!

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* Lisa Barone asks, Are You Prepared for Blogging's Dark Side? I really liked this post because so much of it hits home. The bigger you are, the more attention you garner...both negative and positive.

 * Parajunkee does it again this week! She gives all those newer bloggers out there an amazing list of all things blog related.

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* Reading With Tequila asks us, Are You a Book Pusher? I'm going to have to answer a resounding yes! 

* Kari at A Good Addiction was up on her soap box again this week! This time her post is all about "cliche" character traits and why that's fairly unavoidable. How do you weigh in?

* The Book Show Blog had an excellent post this week on Young Adult Heroines and how the have evolved over the years.

* Remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? If you don't...I'm sorry. I know I'm older than some of you! Well anyhow, one amazing person adapted the concept to, wait for it, TWITTER! Check it out!

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* This article makes an interesting case as to why you might want to use a pseudonym when you're a writer.

* YA Highway had a fabulous post this week on "The Passive Sentence" and how to strengthen that baby right on up!

* The amazing Maggie Stiefvater once again shares her wisdom, this time explaining how to effectively revise for mood in your writing.

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* This article shares with us the 7 skills you need to be super smart. What do you think?

* I thought this was rather cute! A Team Charlie cake! Poor poor Charlie, always lost in the shadows of Bella and Edward. He deserves a cake!

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My new favorite song! It's so cute, and sappy, and cuddly and....okay it's sugary sweet. You've been've been warned.


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