Friday, September 10, 2010

The Fanatic Report 5

Read, Watch and Listen! A weekly roundup of all things interesting!

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Let's see what's going around here at home base first shall we?

* Mara Purnhagen, author of the Past Midnight series, stopped by this week with a guest post about the research that went into her first book!

* This week I started a one month feature where I dedicate Mondays to sharing blog help! The first tutorial people asked for was how to make a blog button, so I obliged! Have something you need help with? Need a tutorial? Send me an email or leave a comment! Next week is all about cute font on post titles!

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* Jennifer Daiker, Alex Cavanaugh and Elena Johnson launched a week long set of posts dedicated to blogging tips! Here are a few of my favorite highlights:
           - Elena Johnson answers the question, "What do I blog about?"
           - Alex Cavanaugh talks about comments and leaving them!

* Parajunkee continues her amazing blog help with a post that is all about review templates and how to use/create them effectively.

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* Irene Zeigler had an interesting post this week book bloggers helping her spread the love of her book, Ashes to Water. She's offering up a way for us to work with her and the library at the same time!

* I loved this article in defense of Violence in Literature and why today's kids are different.

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* Teacher...Librarian....Writer had a great post this week on writing Children's books and why you don't have to be a former teacher to do so!

* KidLit shares their take on "The Name Game" and how to avoid it in your WIP.

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* This is why I don't clap along  via the Oatmeal. I thought this was hilariously accurate!

* I don't generally cuss (unless I hurt myself quite badly) but I must admit I love this song by Cee Lo Green. If you don't mind the use of the "F" word a bit, watch! I promise the song is cute, it really is. Catchy too. If you end up with it stuck in your head...yay!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE this video, and now love John Green even more than I did before. Did I mention love?


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