Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Fanatic Report 4

Read, watch, and listen! A weekly roundup of interesting things across the web!

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Yup, you know we always start here. Let's see what's going on around A Fanatic's Book Blog first shall we?

* I read TWO books this week that I gave a 5 Keys to My Heart rating too. Yup, two! That doesn't happen very often. One was of course Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, and the other was The Absolute Value of -1 by Steve Brezenoff.

* Due to a mistake on my part, I have an extra copy of Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2) *sigh*. I'm selling it for only $6 plus $2.50 shipping anywhere in the U.S. or $6 plus $4 shipping to Canada. If you don't have this book yet and are interested, send me an email!

* I'm participating in the Wind Warrior Mega Contest! Cynthia Roberts has some great prizes up for grabs, go enter!

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* Parajunkee's Book Blogging 101 post this week is on spoilers in your review posts and how you deal with them. Do you put spoilers?

* If you haven't yet heard of Lisa Brown, I assure you she's awesome! Her illustrations are to die for. Her newest book Vampire Boy's Goodnight now has a trailer! Take a look.

* Not surprisingly, Mockingjay has topped the national bestseller list and is already headed for a second printing! Take that people who think books are dead.

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* If you ever wondered why the Hunger Games are so popular, this article by The League of Extraordinary Writers might shed some light on the subject!

* For guys who love books but hate the feminine book covers a lot of them have, the Shame Shroud is the answer! This is seriously funny!

* Nicole Peeler's article on The "F" Word in books, and all the euphemisms that come along with, made me laugh out loud this week!

* Borders is revamping their loyalty program to include more perks, plus a paid option. Are you a member? What do you think of the paid option?

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* Although it's a little older of an article, I found this post on conjuring your character before they appear really interesting!

* Emma Michaels kicked off her "Project to Published" feature this week with a post on getting past writer's block

*If you've ever had a problem with finding your audience, this article might give you a hand.

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* One thing that really amused me this week was this article from Geeks are Sexy. Focusing on "Geeky Business Cards for Fictional Companies" I was enamored that someone took the time to make these!

* I really want this mug, really really want this mug. Did I mention I want this mug? 

* This article on 25 Science Fiction movies everyone needs to watch made me giggle a bit. Thanks to my dad I've seen almost every single one of these!

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I'm not going to say much more than, this video speaks for itself. Hilarious!


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