Thursday, September 9, 2010

A fabulous day!

First off, let me take a quick moment to preach something.

No, no it's not anything's just a word of advice.

If you have a friend that you ADORE, keep in touch.

When I left high school and went off to college, I lost a ton of my so called "friends". Most of them went off to do their own things, got married, had kids, yadda yadda yadda. Still I had a few really amazing people left in my life and so I made an effort to keep seeing them as often as I could.

Then my life took over, school was crazy and I lost touch with most of those people too. I was lucky enough to find a brand new set of friends who shared my same crazy schedule and love of school (and books!), but I wasn't able to find those people I left behind.

Enter Facebook.

Today I had lunch with a friend that I hadn't seen in SEVEN years! It made me realize how much I missed his company and why we always got along :).

Long rambling story short. Keep those friends.

It's worth the extra effort!

Side note: I so didn't have time to post "The Fanatic Report" this morning because of said lunch. It will go up tomorrow!


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