Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog Tour: No Vacancies - Day 3

Well sadly it's the final day of Lucien Black on my blog. Yes, I know, I'm saddened too. My library has his books on purchase request now because I harrassed them for not having them. I need to know what happens in the rest of the story!

I'll stop rambling now however, and give you the second half of the teaser that he sent over for you. Enjoy, and make sure you go and read the rest as well.

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Castor recognized the accent as Middle Eastern; Iranian he suspected. Caster reached his right hand into his jacket slowly and placed his hand on the end of the Glock he had in his waistband. The captain was the first to reply.

“Like hell we do,” he said and jerked a weapon from his belt. Before he could fire, the man in robes leapt from the top of the gangway, flipped in mid-air and landed perfectly behind the two sailors. The men were unprepared for what happened next. With one swing, the scimitar met the larger of the two sailors at the base of the neck and, like a warm knife through butter, removed the man’s head from his shoulders. The head fell with a thud on the gangway and bounced into the dark water below. The other man froze in sheer terror as the robed man thrust the blade deep into the man’s stomach and wrenched it upward, and opened the man’s breastbone. With a straight kick, the robed man knocked the last sailor back into the water and turned his attention to the captain, the blood tinged blade seemed to hum with energy from the battle.

To his dismay, the captain had already run up the gangway and was almost to the edge of the boat. The robed man lifted his right hand and gestured to the other robed men. One of the men stepped forward and launched a long, black spear through the air, which caught the captain over his right shoulder blade and into his spine. He jerked backward and a second later rolled down, his body stopped at the robed man’s feet.

Caster waited for their next move. The six men that were on either side of him made no advancement and he supposed they were waiting for orders from their leader. The man with the scimitar, the group’s leader, turned to face Caster and spoke in a low, raspy voice, “That box belongs to us. You have no valid claim to it or its contents.”

Caster held his stance and said, “This box belongs to my employer and he will be very disappointed if I return without it.”

“We will kill you,” the leader of the robed men said.

“You can try,” Caster responded, pulled the Glock from his jacket, and let it hang to his side.

With a near blinding motion, the robed man thrust the scimitar into Nicholas Caster’s chest, who yelled in pain as the blade pierced through several vital organs. He slumped forward onto the blade, his breath erratic and up blood. The robed man yanked the blade back, spewing blood all over the dock. He raised the blade over his head and sliced it downward towards Caster’s head.

Suddenly, Caster reached up with his left hand and grabbed the hilt of the scimitar, surprising the robed man. With his right hand, he raised the Glock and pressed it under the robed man’s chin. Then he said, “As I said, you can try.” Then, Caster pulled the trigger and the bullet entered the robed man’s head, brain matter and blood splattered to the dock.

The robed man released his grip on the scimitar and fell backward with a thud. Caster turned to his right and faced three of the robed men, scimitar in one hand, Glock in the other. The six men charged forward, weapons ready.

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A gigantic THANK YOU to Lucien for allowing me to host him these last three days! I'm glad that his books are now on my radar, and I'm intrigued by Caster and his story. If my library doesn't purchase soon, they will have one angry girl on their hands.

Here are some Lucien Black links once again, to help with the separation anxiety.

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