Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog Tour: No Vacancies - Day 1

Today I am extremely excited, my dear readers, to announce a Lucien Black takeover! Yes indeed, for the next three days I'm giving this amazing author full reign over my blog and he'll be sharing his No Vacancies series with you.

Today he'll introduce the series, and then tomorrow and Sunday you'll get a glimpse into one of the stories that ends in the newest installment, Volume 4. You lucky people you!

Lest I continue to ramble on like a fangirl, I'll go ahead and give the floor over to Lucien. 

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Thank you very much Jessica for giving me a spot on your blog. This tour is going great and I am excited to share some of the No Vacancies series with your followers. This tour is for my latest release, No Vacancies Volume 4. But since the series is so new to so many people, I wanted to take a step back and introduce your followers to the short story series, Outcast, which started in No Vacancies Volume 1 and ends in the latest release.

For those of you unfamiliar with No Vacancies, here is a quick description.

Two volumes of No Vacancies are released each year and each book contains four short stories. At times, the stories are stand alone, or appear only in the one volume of No Vacancies. These are ideas or concepts that I felt I needed to convey, but were not necessarily part of a bigger series or story. The first volume of No Vacancies contains a story called “One More Sunday”, which tells the tale of the events which led up to the death of the city’s primary superhero. In this noir thriller, Detective Sam Arkwright finds himself wrapped up in a case that is beyond his imagination and takes him to the edge and back as he uncovers not only how the Protector died, but secrets hidden away long ago but the reclusive superhero.

The other stories contained in the series are serialized or episodic tales, told over multiple volumes of the No Vacancies series. So, each volume of the series, contains a part or episode of the titled story. Outcast, for example, starts in No Vacancies Volume 1 and ends in No Vacancies Volume 4, with some heavy cliffhanger endings along the way.

Outcast is a supernatural thriller/horror story with elements of classic horror characters with a twist. In the story, Nathaniel, the main character, is a drifter in search of his fiancĂ©s’ murderer. He has traveled the streets for nearly three years before he winds up in Hudson, New York, brought there by a news story of a family butchered in cold blood in an apparent wild animal attack. Nathaniel’s fiancĂ© was butchered much the same way by a werewolf. A werewolf that belonged to the very same pack as Nathaniel. Nathaniel’s adventure in Hudson puts him up against the city’s most affluent citizen and occult worshiper, Adrian Vandenberg.

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Thank you so much Lucien for stopping by!

Stop back again tomorrow for a glimpse into Outcast. I read it, and I'm hooked already. Trust me, you'll want to be here!


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