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Non-Fiction Book Review: Free Wakeful Dreaming

Michel Depeyrot (Ph.D., Stanford, 1968), a multi-faceted scientist and entrepreneurial maverick, is an acclaimed practitioner of the therapeutic use of Georges Romey s Free Wakeful Dreaming and Devi Nambudripad s Allergy Elimination Technique. The former is an experience innovator who created this technique in France, then founded its promotional association ADREL and its school (EREL).

With the insights and confidence of an enthused adherent and disciple, Depeyrot introduces a wide audience to Romey s theories and practices in this first primer on Romey s work since he launched this technique in the early eighties. Depeyrot translates key writings of Romey s, which serve as an introduction to this revolutionary practice for an English-speaking audience. Romey s theories of dream interpretation, melded with the pioneering works of Freud and Jung from an earlier generation, offers a basis for Romey s therapeutic use of Free Wakeful Dreaming. More than just a translation, this fundamental anthology offers Romey s theories with Depeyrot's analyses and commentaries to ensure Romey s place in the pantheon of psychoanalysts. What is most astounding from Depeyrot's point of view is to witness the powerful and wise contribution of the patient s unconscious to drive the healing process, turning the therapist s role into that of a humble assistant, both compassionate and admiring, who neither interferes nor becomes involved in ways that lead to problems of transference and counter-transference.

This translation is a cornerstone for any who wish to understand a new and fresh approach to this analysis and practice of dream as a tool for a psychoanalytic therapy able to heal in a remarkably short time.

--From Goodreads

Why I chose this:
Dreams have always fascinated me. When I was in college one of my friends gifted me a book on dream interpretation and since then I've started to keep a dream journal. It's so intriguing to look into your inner most self via dreams!

My Thoughts:
As you can see from the synopsis above, this is a very intense and in depth book. Meaning that if you were looking for a light read or something that you can easily skim through, this definitely isn't it. Free Wakeful Dreaming reads very much like a college text book, however this makes perfect sense once you take the time to sit down with it. Michael Depeyrot takes the reader into the world of Free Wakeful Dreaming, and breaks down precisely what it means, how it works, and how to go about performing it either yourself or as a clinical instructor. This book is loaded with pertinent information, however it may be a little difficult to pick out exactly what you are looking for.

What really impressed me about this whole concept is the idea of interpreting waking dreams. Of course we have all heard of the interpretation of sleep dreams, but what of those we have during the day time hours? If you're thinking that I mean "day dream" you're a tiny bit off and I'll explain why. In Michael's vision of Free Wakeful Dreaming you are actually relaxing yourself with the purpose of diving into those waking dreams. They don't come about randomly, but rather you're searching within your subconscious for them. The dreamer talks out loud about what they see and hear, and follows the natural progression of their thoughts/dreams.

If this all sounds a little heavy to you, believe me I understand. I skimmed the book the first time for information I found interesting, then sat down again to give it a read the entire way through. What I can definitely say is that Free Wakeful Dreaming will definitely open your eyes as to the true power of the dream. There is even a chapter of using dreaming as a rebirth of sorts, of letting go of your past and moving on to your future. If you are comfortable with an in depth and scientific book, I'd definitely recommend that you give this a read and find out for yourself what Free Wakeful Dreaming really is.

Book Details
Title: Free Wakeful Dreaming
Author: Michael Depeyrot
Publisher: Bascom Hill
Pages: Paperback; 332
Source: Received from publisher.
FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Final Rating: 4 Keys to My Heart
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