Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My melting brain.

These are some of the little ragamuffins that I hang with on a daily basis. My apologies for the overly artsy picture, see there's the little clause in my work that says I can't take pictures of my kiddos' faces. If their mom happened to stumble upon my blog and see their adorable smiling child, they might not be too happy about it. I get it. I respect it. So you all get artsy stylish pictures! Woot!

Why am I writing this? Well, because I wanted to write something book related and poignant, but my brain is currently a puddle of goo. Oh you don't believe me? Try walking 33 children 3 blocks to the bus, then loading them all on the bus, getting them through a line at Yogurtland (nom) and then back onto said bus and home to walk another 3 blocks.

All in hot and humid weather.

"Ms. Jessica are we THERE yet."

"When is the bus going to come, we've been standing here for like forever!"

"How come we have to wait??? (*insert whine here*)"

"What? It doesn't open for 5 more minutes? *gasp*"

Oh and did I mention I walk 30 minutes to work and then 30 minutes home? Yeah.

If it sounds like I'm whining myself, well yeah, I kind of am. Hush, you know you love me! Otherwise you wouldn't be here. Oh well unless you're only here for my epic contest, in which case I still love you!

However truth be told no matter how tired I am, no matter how much I walk and my feet hurt, I love those little ragamuffins of mine. It just also means that my brain won't work for the rest of today most likely. If I happen to post something book related today, celebrate ya'll, because that will be a miracle.



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