Monday, August 23, 2010

"Me Mondays" August 23rd

It's time for another weekly installment of "Me" Mondays! 

Don't know what this is? 

Click HERE to visit the opening post and see how to win a prize!

Apologies for the late post everyone. I've been feeling melancholy today and it's hard to post when you feel that way, but here I am!


Lauren E asks:
How do you finance so many contests? I'd be broke!


Search & Win

Plain and simple Lauren, that's my secret! If you click on the banner above you can sign up too and start earning. I use their search engine as my default, and I cash out my SwagBucks that I earn for gift cards.

Remember how my new contest allows people to win stuff? Mhmmm! It's mainly powered by the many gift cards I've racked up. Of course I still use my own money sometimes. I set myself a $30 limit per month for contest costs. My suggestion is to find an amount that works for you and stick to that! Then you can use things like SwagBucks to help you make up the difference.


Thank you Lauren for your question! You have received an extra entry into the giveaway since it was the chosen to be answered!

As before, keep the questions coming! The more you ask, the more times you are entered to win the prize at the end of the month!


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