Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well hello all you lovely new followers you! What a surprise to come home to find that I have more people who want to read what I write than when I left :). Welcome ya'll! I hope I keep you entertained and in the know!

For those of you who don't know, this last week I was up in Big Bear with a YMCA camp. Each year I'm a counselor and I get to spend a week away from technology and the city.

These were my awesome co-counselors Rachael and Dana. Two of the coolest people you'll ever meet!

Especially when we all dress up ridiculously for counselor dress up day. Yes, the kids get to choose what we wear. Oh and yes, those are mustaches. We sport them every year!

This is how I stay sane, vegging out on my bunk with some lanyard and staring off into space. I was likely contemplating the mysteries of little girls and their missing shoes....

At the end of the week we have a formal dinner. By this point we're usually pretty crazy with lack of this picture shows.

This is our very girly cabin! We decorated it to make the kids feel more at home there.

We were next to a boys cabin, so ours stood out like crazy. 

It's all worth it though. It always is. The kids have a blast, they learn about nature. I feel so much better when I come home after this week away.

So please pardon the slow posts!

After only being gone a week I have SO much to catch up on. I'm working on it. If I've missed something or forgotten something and you know it, please email me. I need all the help I can get.


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