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Blog Tour: Crossed Out Review

Stephanie Stewart didn't ask for her gift of guiding the deceased to the other side but she's stuck with it. Why can't dead people just follow that bright light and leave her alone? When Mr. Undead wants to use her special talent for his own evil purposes, her little gift becomes a major liability.

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Cover Inspection:
Loving the title font.

First Thoughts:
Man, I feel for Stephanie.


My Review:
The concept of Crossed Out was definitely one that caught my eye. Stephanie's ability to help spirits cross over to the other side was fascinating enough alone, but the fact that she didn't really want this ability added that edge for me. From the very first page I watched as Stephanie tackled this "gift" of hers. I loved how Kim Baccellia pointed out Stephanie's very real feelings. Who wouldn't feel a bit confused and lost if you were constantly contacted by spirits?

Although I really adored Stephanie's character, I felt like there wasn't enough of an opportunity to get to know her very well in this story. Her development felt very rushed, and in fact by the time that I realized what was going on in her life I wasn't that invested in her struggle. I think Kim Baccellia did a great job of building Stephanie up as a high schooler and as a daughter, but I would have liked to see more attention paid to what she was on the inside. I like to be invested deeply in my characters so that I can support their struggles.

In the same respect, I felt like the overall story line was a bit rushed. There are a few key scenes in the book that are rushed through, and then mentioned later as important events. For one of these I was so confused that I had to go back and read the entire chapter before. I think there is a lot of promise in this story, and in this series, but that it just needs a little more polish. I for one am quite intrigued by Stephanie and her new found friend's abilities! I'd be on board to see what happens to them next.

Overall I think that Kim wrote a very original feeling and solid story, it just needs a bit more attention to detail. As I said I loved the concept and truthfully there is a lot to appreciate if you give it a read! I'll be looking out for more writing by Kim Baccellia and hope to see Stephanie back in another installment.

Book Details
Title: Crossed Out
Author: Kim Baccellia 
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing
Pages: Paperback; 212
Source: Pump Up Your Book Promotions 

Final Rating: 3 Keys to My Heart

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