Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I am SO sorry for being behind on these giveaways! This 4 day weekend rejuvenated me and I spent that extra energy tallying up some crazy amounts of entries. I ramble though, and I'm sure you all want to know who won...am I right? Okay!


Winner of the CSN $40 Giftcard:

Winner of a new copy of Lovestruck Summer:

SaToya's favorite summer moment shared was:

Doing a 24 hour session with my best friends and sister.

We stayed awake until the net morning watching crappy, rubbish reality TV, telling jokes, secrets having a laugh and playing truth or dare!

It was FUNNY, Fun and great. She lives in Trinidad so whenever I can visit during the summer we recreate the night...even though we're now in our twenties.


Congratulations you two! I'll be sending emails out to you very shortly.

For those of you who didn't win Lovestruck Summer, a little birdie told me that it's the next prize in the reading challenge! If you haven't already signed up....well what are you waiting for? Click the button in the top right and get reading!


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