Monday, July 12, 2010

"Me Mondays" July 12th

It's time for another weekly installment of "Me" Mondays! 

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Question #14 was chosen by the powers that be, so let's get answering!

Kaya asks:

What is your highest ambition (ie a specific number of followers) in regards to your blog?


Great question Kaya and thanks for asking! The short answer to this question is simply: I don't know.

To be truthful, when I opened up this blog all I wanted was a place to share my crazy obsession with books. I saw so many other people out there bonding over their mutual love of reading, and I ached to be a part of that! I knew that by opening a book blog, I was opening myself up to this immense new world of people and experiences and that excited me so very much. There was never a point in time where I thought about followers, or about plans. It was all spur of the moment.

Now that I've been here for a little while (almost 4 months to be exact) I've realized that I still don't really have a "mission" per say. I completely love interacting with authors, thrive on hosting crazy reading challenges, and live for posting reviews. So that led me to think, is it really always necessary to have a set goal? Gears were turning now, your question really got me to thinking! After a lot of debate, here's what I settled on.

My ambition for this blog is to create a comfortable place for both book bloggers and non book bloggers to come, share their love of all things book related, and celebrate authors!

Yes, it's a little vague. No, it's not perfect. It's the best I've got at this moment though :). I'm still hoping someday to make this an actual career, but as that's a bit far off I'm thinking in the present! 

On a side note: Please know my dear followers, I adore each and every one of you and am ALWAYS here to help! That's what I want to do, I want to be your source of information and help. Drop me a line, any time for anything and I'll get back to you. Need help promoting? Want a blog button? Need HTML assistance? I'm here.

My blog is your blog.


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