Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cover Confusion.

Have you ever seen a cover and had a sudden deja vu moment? You realize that you have DEFINITELY seen that same cover somewhere before, but then you just can't remember when. You know it wasn't on that particular book though.

I had one of those moments and I've finally figured it out!

Okay so we have all seen Bree Despain's gorgeous The Dark Divine cover have we not? I loved those legs when I first saw this cover, and the nail polish? Gorgeous! Love love love!

Then I was wandering through some different blogs and I happened upon this cover and had a moment of shock.

Being that it says "Copyrighted Material" and that there is another cover present on Goodreads, I really don't think that this cover ended up being used. Still, it totally threw me off! I suppose it just goes to show that even cover designers have to be careful not to use a cover that has already been done. I know I've seen more of these and if I can find them I'll share them as well :).

Just throwing it out there! At least I know I'm not crazy now!


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