Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calendar of Events - July 29th through August 5th

A new calendar of events will go up every Thursday.

This is due to the fact that July started on a Thursday, so that's how we've broken up the month! Without further ado, let's see what's happening this week!

This week all events are being hosted at Books out of the Bookshelves!

Well we're right back on track this week! Last week was a little off, mainly due to my utter confusion with camp, and all that jazz. Still we're doing well and have some awesome things planned for the upcoming month! Just FYI, next week's calendar is going up without me physically being here, so the links will not be updated until I get home on Saturday.

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Calendar of Events for July 29th - August 5th

Friday, July 30th  - Angela Morrison Guest Post
Saturday, July 31st - Pamela Callow Interview
Sunday, August 1st - Favorite Summer read of July 2010
Tuesday, August 3rd - Cover Guess Contest + Giveaway
Wednesday, August 4th - Jennifer Echols Guest Post
Thursday, August 5th - Mindi Scott Guest Post

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This calendar is subject to change, all changes will be reflected above.

For a full list of events that have happened so far, click the small banner above!


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