Thursday, July 29, 2010

A bit of this, a bit of that.

Yes friends, as the cute little bear suggests I'm off to camp! In less than 2 days now (2 days? Ack! I need to pack!) I will be up in the mountains with a group of YMCA kids for a whole 8 days.

I look forward to going every year. For me it's a time to get back to nature, promote growth in the kids I work with, and just act all around silly! Keep an eye out for pictures when I get back! Generally they involve me giggling, attempting to climb the wall, or dressed up ridiculously on "Counselor Dress Up Day"!

The winner of this month's "Me Mondays" Feature AND a copy of Wherever Nina Lies or a $5 GC is.... MISHA! Congrats Misha! I'll be sending you an email very shortly.

If you've never participated in a "Me Mondays" feature yet, let me break it down. You send questions, I answer them, you win prizes! Easy right? Click here for the opening post.

Are you intrigued my friends as to what next months prize will be? 

Yup, send me a question and you could win a bran new copy of John Green's Looking for Alaska! As always if you are an International reader you can win a $5 GC to instead :).


In other news I've started doing some blog designing as well! Recently I made a quick background, button and matching header for Bailey over at IB Book Blogging. 

Isn't it cute? Click the button to see the rest of her website!

If you're interested in a new blog background, a button, a header, or just some knowledge, let me know! I'd be more than happy to help, or you can always hire me to completely revamp your blog ;). I promise, I don't charge a lot. I mostly do this because I love pretty blogs!

Well that's it for me for now! Wish me luck at camp ya'll. I'll come back a happier person I promise you that!


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