Sunday, July 18, 2010

And thus....

The reason that I haven't done an IMM post in two weeks.

I had a birthday. For said birthday I got gift cards, which are my favorite type of gift, and I went on a book clearance sale buying spree! It was really fun. Then, all those books showed up at my door in three boxes over a week span, and along the way I received prize books and swap books and books, Books, BOOKS! 

I suddenly realized....I had no idea where they were going to go!

So, after a lot of cleaning, a lot of rearranging, here are my new shelves. There is no way I will bore you with all the new books I got. However I will highlight some ones I'm super excited about!

 This is my main bookshelf! Over here I keep all the books that I either haven't read, or are in series. That's a ton right? On this bookshelf I'm most excited for:

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, which I won from a blog contest!
Claire De Lune by Christine Johnson, also won from a blog contest.
The Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven
Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow
My new Sarah Dessen box set! I haven't read any of her books yet but I'm excited!

This shelf houses the books that are being given away to new homes, were too big to fit anywhere else and of course my stack of current library books.

This shelf is a home to the large amount of hardback books I own, along with my extensive collection of craft and cookbooks.

This self is for all my trade paperback! On here I have my Stephen King books, my Redwall series and a few other random books thrown in.

So now everything is all organized and I can finally start IMM again. Sorry everyone for the delay, but you know how it is. When things aren't right, it's hard to concentrate on anything else until you've fixed it. Or is that just me? ;)


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