Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Rating System and Post Breaks!

*waves happily to her new followers as is customary*

Sorry I just have to do that every now and then. I never want anyone who follows my blog to feel like they are not appreciated! You all rock my socks.

You spoke, I listened.

After mulling over the votes on the poll I decided that I would just be better off doing a little bit of each thing. The votes were so varied, it reminded me that different people are always looking for different things in a review. Who am I to take that away from them? If you come here to read the whole review, fabulous. If you only stop by to take a quick peek at my rating for a book, great! Either way I'm glad you're here. So let me tell you what's new!

First of all, I redid my entire rating system. I was very intentional about writing exactly what I look for in each rating level. If you think I can improve it further, please let me know. You can click the "Rating System" icon above.

Secondly, I plan to make sure that each review is spoiler free but also focuses very intentionally on what I like and dislike about each book. I think I've done a pretty good job at that so far, or so you all tell me :). I promise to keep doing that for you!

Lastly, I'm working on a way to hide the rating so that you only have to click on it if you are interested in seeing it. It's harder than I thought. Hopefully I'll get it up tomorrow.


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