Saturday, June 19, 2010


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Let me just state, I'm angry.

Mad to the point I wish I could punch someone, and I'm not a violent person.

Today was a great day. My boyfriend, his friend and I went out to the library, went out to get some food, just did some normal running around on our bikes.

When we got where we were going, we chained all three of our bikes together in a nice area with lots of people around and went shopping for a bit.

When we came back? Our friends bike was gone.

Please explain to me how NOT ONE person saw that, or if they did, didn't do anything? It had to have taken that person at least a couple minutes to get through three different bike cables and walk away with that bike. I feel like I was betrayed in a way. This part of town is constantly swarming with people.....


Point being, I didn't post what I was supposed to because we got back late (after waiting for the police) and then I took off to a barbeque and swim party to try to get my mood back. I know it wasn't my bike, but it doesn't matter. I'm just sad sad sad about the way people act. It's depressing. I believe in karma, and I hope that person gets what's coming to him in the worst way.

Tomorrow I WILL post the review that was supposed to go up today, along with my IMM post.


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