Saturday, May 15, 2010

On My Wishlist (1)

On My Wishlist is a weekly feature run by the great book blog, Book Chick City. To learn more about this meme, get the details here.

I just stumbled upon this meme at a few other blogs and I love the idea! I decided that I want to start participating too :).

I LOVE Libba Bray. I first fell in love with her Gemma Doyle trilogy, and then I started following her LiveJournal which furthered my adoration for her. She is a funny lady! Witty, smart, a slight bit childish at times. Yup, perfect!

When I read the premise for Going Bovine I knew it was a book I had to read. Someday when a copy shows up on Goodreads or BookMooch I'll snag it. Unless my slow library decides to get it first. Let's see who wins out shall we?

Going Bovine by Libba Bray
Published September 22, 2009
Hardcover: 480 pages 

Goodreads Summary:
Cameron Smith, 16, is slumming through high school, overshadowed by a sister “pre-majoring in perfection,” while working (ineptly) at the Buddha Burger. Then something happens to make him the focus of his family's attention: he contracts mad cow disease. What takes place after he is hospitalized is either that a gorgeous angel persuades him to search for a cure that will also save the world, or that he has a vivid hallucination brought on by the disease. Either way, what readers have is an absurdist comedy in which Cameron, Gonzo (a neurotic dwarf) and Balder (a Norse god cursed to appear as a yard gnome) go on a quixotic road trip during which they learn about string theory, wormholes and true love en route to Disney World. Bray's surreal humor may surprise fans of her historical fantasies about Gemma Doyle, as she trains her satirical eye on modern education, American materialism and religious cults (the smoothie-drinking members of the Church of Everlasting Satisfaction and Snack 'N' Bowl). Offer this to fans of Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy seeking more inspired lunacy.


I finished the first book, Howl's Moving Castle, just a few weeks ago. It was such a fun and light read that I decided I need to read the next one soon! I really enjoyed getting to know Sophie, Michael and Howl. 

As a treat to myself I sat down to watch the movie again, which I had seen before the book. They are so not the same! Now that I've read the book I realize how much of all the things I love the movie takes away from the book. I love poor spirited and cranky Howl. He is what makes the book! Second book, I shall have you soon.

Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones
Published August 1, 2001
Paperback: 304 pages

Goodreads Summary:
Abdullah was a young and not very prosperous carpet dealer. His father, who had been disappointed in him, had left him only enough money to open a modest booth in the Bazaar. When he was not selling carpets, Abdullah spent his time daydreaming. In his dreams he was not the son of his father, but the long-lost son of a prince. There was also a princess who had been betrothed to him at birth. He was content with his life and his daydreams until, one day, a stranger sold him a magic carpet.

So that's what's on my wishlist this week! What's on yours?


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