Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh happy day!

Hello hello to all my new readers!


Almost 50! I am SO excited! It's nice to know someone wants to read my crazy rambling thoughts :).

I have some news.

The lovely Kirthi over at Pages blog interviewed me today! If you'd like to see my silly answers you can go to my interview and leave some love. In fact, I do believe some of you new readers came from over there so hi again and thanks a million to Kirthi!

Also I helped out the sweet Susan over at her blog. She was having difficulty making a blog button, and since I have definitely gone through that (it's frustrating) I offered to help her! Sweet as she is, she left me a praise post! :D Made me smile!

It was a good Monday.


  1. Your so very welcome :D It's so weird, I got a praise post too for helping a blogger with their blog button. Wanna see?

    Lol, thanks for being interviewed too, you were one of the first people to contact me and I was so excited :D

  2. Aw so awesome! Don't you love people who actually appreciate you? I love appreciating others!

    Lol, thanks for interviewing me! I love answering silly and fun questions!

  3. Well it's only Wednesday now, and you've passed 50! Congrats! :)



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