Saturday, May 29, 2010


*waves at her favorite people in the world*

You, yes you! Thanks for stopping by my humble blog my new readers, and thanks so much for deciding to stay as my follower.

Yup, I know I thank you all a lot. However it's because I want you to truly know how much I appreciate you! Blogging for me is all about sharing my love of books. When my readers go up, I feel affirmed that I am doing that effectively and that makes me feel good. I blog, because you read. Can I please say that all your comments make me smile so much? It's true.

I need to do a big giveaway!

However my resources are tapped out for the moment so here's what I'm thinking. My birthday is in July, so I think I'll make July my big giveaway month. That way we can celebrate whatever number follower I'm at then AND my birthday! Yay!

Oops. This was supposed to be a quick post. So I'll leave you be. Thanks again!


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