Monday, May 17, 2010

A Catch Up Post!

So yesterday was the Pride Parade which is why I didn't post! In Long Beach this is a BIG day, complete with a parade and an all day festival!

I went out, snagged a spot and took a whole ton of pictures. Then we barbecued and wandered downtown for the big event! I had a little too much fun and slept through until work this morning. Thus why this post is going up now. :)

Let's play catch up!

Congratulations to Kirthi from Pages, the lucky winner of The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott!

An email is on it's way to you!


This was a great week for books! I bought some, received some for review, and of course did my weekly library visit! I cannot wait to dive right in.

I saw this on the rack at Best Buy (yes weird I know) and it was on sale for $9! I batted my eyelashes and my fabulous boyfriend purchased this for me. YAY! I love Rick Riordan oh yes I do!

I finally got a copy of this! Excited! Swapped through Goodreads so that I could use my free book credit and this is waiting happily on my TBR pile for me!

For Review:
Received this through Around the World Tours and I cannot wait to read it! Am I the only one who thinks this cover is lovely?

This book looks lovely and sounds amazing! I received the galley through NetGalley for this one, so you can go and snag a review copy too if you're interested!
Also from NetGalley, I am so totally in love with this cover! That alone makes me want to read this book so much. I can't wait!

Library Picks:
 After I read Tithe I felt a little like I missed out on something. I decided that maybe I didn't get as into the first book as I should have so I made up my mind to read the second one!
 This book sounded creepy and people on Goodreads have been raving! Yup, it had to be mine this week.
 I was a little less than impressed with The Forest of Hands and Teeth  and felt a little wary about reading this book. However I've been reassured that this one is actually more interesting, so I decided to give it a try! I've never been one to judge a book without at least reading the first 50 pages.
So yeah...I admit it. Despite my annoyances with Marked I am really intrigued by the story! It was never about the story being bad, no the story is great. It's the writing that was getting to me. Still, I'm giving book two a chance! Perhaps I'll get further hooked :).

That's it for me this week! It's nice to be able to keep track of what I've gotten and what is still to be read! I finished a few more books before this weekend so check back for the reviews and also don't forget to enter the Tyger, Tyger Giveaway!


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