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Book Review: Never After

There is no place like a dysfunctional home.

Leaving everything behind for the Island was Ricky's dream come true. When his happily ever after is not quite what it seems, he discovers that running away means running toward bigger problems.

Trapped on the Island, Ricky must join together with the only people he can trust to help him face his fears and return home. But the only way off the Island is to confront the person who trapped Ricky and his friends in the first place. With countless enemies and true peril staring them down, Ricky's mission to leave this so-called paradise will become a battle for their very lives.

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Cover Inspection:
This cover is so fabulous! The island, the wording, all completely beautiful.

First Thoughts:
Peter Pan with the humor of teenage boys. I'm in love!


My Review:

Before you decide to read this book, ask yourself the following questions:

*Can you deal with vulgarity?
*Do you appreciate TWSS (That's What She Said) jokes?
*Are you okay with sexual innuendos?

Did you answer yes? Then keep reading because you will so love this book!

Yes my dear readers, apparently I am a teenage boy on the inside. This book, no matter how ridiculously vulgar and snarky sometimes didn't bug me, but instead made me bust up laughing! It's a bummer when you read something seriously funny and there is no one around to share it with!

Dan Elconin wrote and had his book published in college. Yup, he's a young one! It so shows in his book, but not in a bad way at all! Some people complain that the writing is simplistic. Well yes, it is, but it is also witty and fun. No qualms here!

The characters are truly amazing. They are the type of people you wish you could hang out with, always jibing one another and telling "That's what she said" jokes until the other party cracks a smile. If you don't mind cuss words (and I don't mean a bit of cussing, I mean pretty profuse cussing) then you will really enjoy this story.

If you are looking for a deeper level, as some might, this book is not all snarky humor. Although it mostly is. Buried beneath all the jokes is a story about 5 teens and their quests to be happy with their lives. Each of them has gone through something life changing, and they bond together to deal with their issues together. Friends, family, growing up, it's all there. Just hidden under a layer of wit.

I wish I could say more, but I don't want to give it away! You're probably wondering right now "Well what on Earth is this book actually ABOUT?". I'd love to tell you, I really would, but I think it would ruin the fun. If the book synopsis doesn't feel the need to tell you what this book is about ahead of time, then I don't want to kill it either. Just read and enjoy!

Book Details
Title: Never After
Author: Dan Elconin
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: Paperback; 320
Source: Borrowed from library

Final Rating: 5 Keys to My Heart
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  1. Love the sounds like a comedic version of Lost lol...hadn't heard much about this one before your review, but after reading it I'm adding it to my TBR list, thanks for the rec!



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