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A bit more about Ms. DeLucy + Guest Post!

Can I say I love this picture? Okay, I'll say it. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Time to get to know a bit more about Ms. DeLucy. Shall we? From her Goodreads page....

I was born in Northern Pennsylvania, where I developed an obsession with all things literary and musical thanks to the influence of an extremely creative family. Before moving to the Midwest to study English in 2002, I trained in vocal performance and had my first taste of literary work as an editor for a local social organization. Today, I work for the University of Missouri and as an author and Developmental Editor for Omnific Publishing.

And now...a bit of musing from this lovely lady.

Hello, reader folks!

You know, I always have such a hard time figuring out what to write for a guest blog, so I thought to myself, "Self... what would you talk to readers about in person?" And then I remembered some of the points that had circled around in my head incessantly during the time right after I'd finished writing Seers of Light. Among these points was the need for a strong female character, along with an evolved male personality. Let me explain. But first, I'll warn that this post contains some spoilers that are consequential to getting the message across.

I wrote Seers of Light with an agenda, though I didn't realize this in the beginning. It's just that, in my heart, I had these very strong emotions about women, about men, about the dynamic of love, and it was incredibly important that I solidified these values not only in the reader's minds, but in my own, as well.

The character of Lillian Hunt is my way of empowering women without expecting perfection. You see, Lily was flawed, she was scared as often as she was brave, and she wore her heart on her sleeve--which is a frightening thing to do in this world. And she was also clueless about so many things... most especially, her own strength. This is where William came in.

A lot of people aren't sure what to make of William, at first. He doesn't seem like the knight in shining armor kind of guy. (That would be Christian's role.) But William has a kind of wisdom that only comes with a combination of age and suffering, and so he knows that strength lies in a quieter place, a more controlled place. He also realizes that demonstrations of physical power have a time and place, and that anger for the sake of anger is a waste of energy. So, he is patient, but more than that, he is willing to stand back and allow his student (Lily) to find her own way, to discover her own courage. He recognizes that she has her own destiny to follow, and that he would only be cheating her of valuable growth by carrying her down the path.

It's easy for the impetuous hero to swoop in and slay the dragon. That kind of rescuing appeals to the ego most powerfully. But, that's not what Lily needed. And I don't believe that a dragon slaying prince is the answer for any of us--at least, it's not for me. Yes, I'm good with an act of valiance when it's really called for, but how often do we confuse "called for" with "expected?"

To me, the love story in Seers (and any consequent books) is extremely symbolic. These stories are my way of saying, be the hero of your own life, and everything else will fall into place.


Thank you thank you Jen for your lovely post!

I could talk about Jennifer DeLucy until I was blue in the face and it would still not explain how amazing she is :). She's humble too though, so if you tell her she's amazing, she'll just tell you right back! If you haven't given Seers of Light a chance after all this, well, you are one tough cookie my friend.

To make it even easier for you. Here's some links!

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